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Dr Michael Gross MA MD FRCP

Shortlisted Hospital Doctor of the Year UK 1998 and 1999.

My office are located on the premises of THE BODY FACTORY at 105 Nibthwaite Road, Harrow, Middlesex, HA1 1 TE.


"The provision of care for neurology patients in the United Kingdom is a national disgrace and an international embarrassment. Average wait to see a neurologist in the UK is more than seven months. The degree of anxiety and suffering this causes is totally unacceptable.


This Website not only introduces myself but I hope will help those who do have neurological problems to understand their conditions better and to offer insight and guidance through a very unhelpful Health Service. I have spent twenty years of my life trying to get proper care for my patients in the areas that I serve and it is fair to say that those who provide funds for healthcare have little interest in the suffering you have as a neurology patient.


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Patients present with problems or symptoms and the medical information part of this Site focuses on the way that conditions present. This in turn leads to a discussion on specific common diagnoses, how they should be diagnosed and treated.


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